Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for May 05

The Portland Pulse beats in 4/4 time

Michael Kelly writes “Since Intrigo has moved offices to Portland, the substantial amount of tech resources to both pull and contribute to trumps any other city I’ve been intimate with. Portland is an enabler, connector, grower, and supporter of it’s business residents. I can’t say this about Tucson or any other (unnamed) cities.”

Congratulations! You’re Our 1,000,000th Color!

Darius Monsef writes “Almost 4 years ago I had an idea and threw down some code that would allow people to share colors and rate them… Just a few days ago our 1,000,00th color was named and shared on the site. It was only 10 days ago, but since that milestone color was upload… another 32,000 have been shared. That’s some serious color love!”

Four Lessons for Entrepreneurs from Working Two Weeks as Press

Shannon Clark writes “Although I am an entrepreneur, for the past two weeks I have also been active press as I covered parts of Ad:Tech San Francisco and Web 2.0 Expo also here in San Francisco. Having done this for the past two weeks as well as a few earlier conferences, I have learned a few lessons and would encourage all entrepreneurs to spend some time working as a member of the press.”

Updates to OsoEco!

From the OsoEco blog “Phew. We’ve just uploaded some updates to the site – most notably with language changes, ratings, tag me nots, and search.”

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