Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for May 12

This Week on Calagator

Audrey Eschright writes “First up: we have a new design! You can see it in its full green glory at the usual place, calagator.org. Our two meetups last week accomplished a lot. Some little things, some bigger (like the design). We’re continuing to struggle with our iCalendar & hCalendar tools, mofo and vPim. Mofo had a bug that was preventing postal codes from being read accurately. We now have a one-line patch that fixes this. A note to other open source developers: make it easy for people to find out about known bugs and send you patches when we encounter one! It’s very frustrating to lose half a day of work to something like this. We want to keep the ‘many eyes’ principle working.”


Steven Frank writes “W2 is a lightweight PHP wiki engine I wrote for my own usage…. I made the source available for anyone else who wants to tinker with it, but it’s mainly for me.”

New visualization tools! | Clicky Blog

From the Clicky blog “The default dashboard now includes beautiful line graphing functionality, but if you’ve customized it at all, then you have to enable it manually. Go to your dashboard preferences (click the icon in your tab bar, then dashboard sub-tab) and check the box For historical data, show line graphs instead of simple HTML bar graphs.”