Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for May 14

Make a quickie comic strip – Pop Candy – USATODAY.com

Portland’s toonlet gets coverage from USA Today: “A lot of possibilities exist within the site: Users can comment on strips, so you could blog via comic. Your strips can be featured on your own sites/profiles. I’m hoping new features will be added as the site expands, but for now characters can include Peter Bagge-drawn parts, pirate accessories and even ninja gear.”

Jive presents “Building communities to grow your business”

Roberto Tagliabue, Digital Innovation Director, at Nike, will share his company’s real-life examples of how they have used Jive products to accomplish their online community initiatives.

Ignite Portland 3: Get up there and present

From the Ignite Portland blog “Would you like to light up the stage at Ignite Portland 3? We are now accepting submissions through our sweet proposal review system. Again, we’d like to thank Igal Koshevoy at AutomateIt for donating his expertise and time to build the presentation proposal site for Ignite Portland – very cool. The deadline for submission is May 28th. The Ignite Portland planning committee will select the finalists shortly after the deadline and inform the selected presenters.”

Solutions: more than technology

Scott Kveton writes “It dawned on me in early 2007 that we needed to do something more if OpenID was going to take off. People weren’t going to the Internet saying ‘Please give me OpenID!!’ Users want things that work. Users want solutions. OpenID is a fantastic technology, but the reality is, my mom got email, she didn’t get SMTP. The same will be true of OpenID.”

Advanced Twitter Fu: Become a Master

Josh Bancroft writes “If you know what you’re doing, Twitter is a REALLY POWERFUL and REALLY COOL way to connect with people. You can find basic, “entry level” explanations about why you should use Twitter everywhere. I even wrote such a post a couple of months ago (which includes the excellent ‘Twitter in Plain English’ video, which you must watch if you haven’t already). The rest of this post is going to assume you have a (very) basic understanding of what Twitter is, and how it works. If not, go read my previous post, watch the video, and come back. I’ll wait.”

Portland’s Fire is starved for fuel

Bart Massey writes “I talked to Raven Zachary at Bar Camp last weekend, and confirmed the sad truth: He’s run out of submissions. I feel especially guilty with this since I have never quite finished mine. (I’ll do it when I’m done with this blog post.) If you live in Portland, and feel moved, I’d strongly encourage you to catch Fire. (The pun-inducing name is awesome.) Fire away, people. I want to meet you.”

Talking Iterasi: Save Web Pages Perfectly for Later Reference

Marshall Kirkpatrick writes “I’ve been hesitant to write about Iterasi here just because I generally don’t write about consulting clients (though I did in my last post too, so maybe things are changing). Alex did a short video interview with me that went up yesterday, though, and I realized after watching it that I should make sure any readers using Windows know about it right away. It’s really useful!”

Vote for Calagator on SourceForge

Audrey Eschright writes “This year’s Sourceforge Community Choice Awards are open to all open source projects, not just ones hosted there, so I nominated Calagator for Best New Project, Best Project for Educators (school calendar aggregation!), and Best Project for the Enterprise (workplace calendar aggregation!). I’m a little disappointed that there’s no Best Project for Communities, or some kind of write-in option. If you’d like to help Calagator get a little more publicity, you can place your votes.”