Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for May 16

Demand.OpenID.net: A One Click Call to Action – ReadWriteWeb

Marshall Kirkpatrick writes “OpenID provider JanRain has launched an interesting project called Demand OpenID, which lets users click a bookmarklet whenever they are on a website that they want to request OpenID support on. It’s a handy, if a touch rude, way to demonstrate user demand for OpenID on popular websites.”

Online Password Manager available for Firefox 3

From the Vidoop blog “The myVidoop plugin lets you harness the security of your myVidoop account to store and manage your passwords in your personal vault. The plugin saves you time by remembering all of your passwords and then automatically logging you in to the correct site, every time. Passwords are only remembered when you want them to be and all data is encrypted and stored either on your local machine, or online with myVidoop so they can be accessible anytime anywhere. Check it out today and start saving yourself time and protecting your personal data online!”

Why I’m going to Vidoop

Will Norris writes “So it’s not exactly news at this point, but it is indeed true that as of today I am now employed by Vidoop. This has been a few months in the making, so I figured I’d explain a little of why and how we got to this point.”