Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for June 03

Veer @ RailsConf 2008 by Yuval Kordov

Yuval Kordov writes “I headed down to Portland last week to check out the happenings at RailsConf 2008. All in all, a good show. Four days of intensive sessions, new ideas, product announcements (woo Rails 2.1!), shmoozing, and frolicking. Thanks to everyone for their involvement, cheers to those we managed to meet up with, and loving kudos to Portland for being such an awesome city.” (Hat tip Bram Pitoyo)

I want to write more. Do more. Hack more. Learn more. So I gotta read less.

Josh Bancroft writes ” read a LOT. I used to be subscribed to over 1500 RSS feeds. That was WAY too many. About a year ago, I cut it down to around 500 feeds or so. But that was around the same time that Twitter really exploded in my life, proving itself invaluable for not only connecting and talking with people, but as the fastest conduit for breaking news, the most efficient source for answers to questions, and general serendipitous gems of things that were interesting and made me smarter. So I think the overall level of information overload stayed about the same. Today, I decided action was needed. Drastic action, maybe. “

The Dixie Chicks can make people more innovative

Gia Lyons writes “The idea of social data portability – ‘the option to use your personal data between trusted applications and vendors’ – has been around for some time now. The DataPortability Project is focused on consumer-oriented sites, and not corporate internal use. The Project people even say so.”

Startup delegation to Greenlight Greater Portland

Nathan Bell writes “Looking at the GGP’s board of directors it appears to be made up of mostly reps from big business. I’m hoping that there will be opportunities tomorrow to expose this group to the great things that the startup community brings to Portland, as well as what Portland can do to bring more great startups here. If you have any opinions on the matter, or questions you want fished around let me or anyone else on the delegation know.”

Portland Lunch 2.0 Guy says save the date

Jake Kuramoto tweets “working on another pdx lunch 2.0, july 23 save the date”

Cubist Job, CubeSpace

This could be the job for you. “We are looking for someone to work part time at the front desk of CubeSpace. The position, however, is far from a typical reception position. As the first person our members see when they walk into our space, you will be the ambassador to our community. You will help create the first impression and set the tone for our members’ and subscribers’ experiences. You will be a critical link in building a thriving workspace community.”

Core Developer Job, Collaborative Software Initiative

Is this you? “Web application developer to join the UT-NEDSS Core Team. This is an opportunity for a self-starting individual to participate in a ground-breaking effort that combines non-technical subject matter experts with skilled professional developers in a major, well-funded, open source community and project.”

Spend summer indoors: Attend a tech conference

Mike Rogoway writes “Like the swifts coming back to Chapman Elementary, techies are returning to Portland this summer for the usual slate of technology confabs. Here’s my annual rundown of some big ones…”