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Oregon Finds a Counterweight in Software

The Wall Street Journal writes “In contrast, smaller software and Internet companies are hiring. Kryptiq, for example, has gone from 41 employees in 2004 to more than 100 now; Jive Software, which moved from New York to Portland in 2004, has 155 employees and expects to be at 200 next year; and Vidoop LLC, which develops Internet-security software, has gone from four employees in 2006 to 45 now. Vidoop Vice President Scott Kveton expects to exceed 100 employees next year.”

Three Rules for Startup Success

Micah Baldwin writes “I have been asked if Techstars is different than the natural process of other startups. Does the cauldron that all Techstars teams are thrown in, accelerate the success or failure of the startup? The short answer is no; all startups have a natural life. Some live forever and some are killed in their cribs.”