Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for June 09

The real business model for Web 2.0: corporate clients

From the Forrester Groundswell blog “Support forums work — they please customers and they reduce costs. Lithium has an impressive client list including Dell, AT&T, Comcast, and Sprint. The community space is crowded, but other companies with growing client lists include Jive Software, Awareness, and Mzinga/Prospero.”

Go west, young company

Mike Rogoway writes “Vidoop says it’s pulling up stakes and moving its HQs from Tulsa to Portland. Scott Kveton has the news on the company’s blog.”

Beer and Blog – Make your blog load fast and save the environment

Bram Pitoyo writes “Jason Grigsby from CloudFour talks about optimizing website, then shows you how to do it. Unfortunately, I am not technical enough to fully comprehend the latter part of the presentation, but any web developer and geek worth her salt should know these. Anyway, on to the notes.”

“No Pitch” Coffee at Boyd’s Coffee (Wednesday, June 11, 2008)

RSVP here for “No Pitch” Coffee. What’s “No Pitch” Coffee? “One of the worst parts about networking are the individuals that use the events to pitch their products and services. We all know that is part of the deal when networking but it can be highly annoying. Because the focus of this site is on peer advice between small business owners, PortlandSmallBusiness.com is starting a series of weekly ‘No Pitch’ coffee networking events around town.”

Vidoop hitting the Oregon Trail

Scott Kveton writes “Over the next three weeks, we’ll be flying groups of Vidoopers out to Portland to see the city. If you’re in Portland, you’ll get a chance to meet the team at the Beer & Blog events we’ll be sponsoring on 6/13, 6/20 and 6/27. We’d love to have you come out, have a drink with the crew and hopefully help pave the way for a soft landing for the folks moving out from Tulsa.”