Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for June 16

Hiring a Community Manager

Dawn Foster writes “Hiring a community manager can be tricky for companies, especially ones filling this position for the first time. Last week, someone told me they wanted to hire a community manager and asked me if I could put together a few resources to help get them started. I thought it would be more useful if I turned my email to him into a blog post so others could benefit from it.”

Jive Talks: Facebook in Clearspace, create content via email, and more!

Gia Lyons writes “I haven’t blogged about how ridiculously extensible Jive Clearspace is. Or, how active the global Clearspace development community is. No need. Just check out the Clearspace Plugin Catalog, along with the discussions and ratings for each plugin to get an idea. Tell your geek friends about it.”

Nice Interview of Michael Berkley on Beet.tv

Tom Turnbull writes “Here is a good overview of what we are doing here at SplashCast filmed during our recent trip to NYC for the Advertising 2.0 conference.”

Legion of Tech Happy Hour (was BarCampMeetups) at Plan B (Thursday, June 26, 2008)

We recently realized that we’ve outgrown the Jive breakroom, and we’ve evolved away from the BarCamp Meetup name. So, we’ve renamed this monthly event to the Legion of Tech Happy Hour, and the event will now be held outside on the back patio of Plan B.