Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for June 20

Metafluence – Friends, my blogging hiatus ends tonight!!

Justin Kistner writes “My goal was to move my blogging activities to JustinKistner.com at the same time that I started on at Voce, which was 90 days ago. Instead, I got stuck. Originally I got stuck because I wanted to roll out a new design. Then I got stuck because I wanted to move my content from Metafluence over to JustinKistner.com. Then, I just got burned out.”

BricaBox: Goodbye World!

Nate Westheimer of BricaBox is going to share his mistakes with you. He writes “Whatever it is, I’m going to take a tremendous amount of experience, lessons, wisdom, etc with me. And, over the next few weeks, I intend on blogging diligently about every aspect of this failure. I’ve taken extensive mental notes on these lessons, and I look forward to sharing them with you. I think this process will help me institutionalize these lessons for myself, and of course I hope you can learn something from them as well.”

Summer Love’s Event from Back Fence PDX

Love Ignite Portland? Then I bet you’ll love Back Fence PDX, too. Melissa Lion writes “Check out a few videos we shot at the June 19th event. We have fancier, professional video coming from the fabulous Brian Belefant, but here’s what we shot with a flip camera [Editor: Geek cred for Flip reference]. Enjoy!”