Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for June 23

Microsoft’s First Step In Accepting OpenID SignOns – HealthVault

Jason Kincaid writes “Over 16 months after first declaring its support for the OpenID authentication platform, Microsoft has finally implemented it for the first time, allowing for OpenID logins on its Health Vault medical site. Unfortunately, Health Vault will only support authentication from two OpenID providers: Trustbearer and Verisign. Whatever happened to the Open in OpenID?” Concerns are also raised about security, and Vidoop is mentioned as one of the companies improving the security.

Ignite Portland 3 photos from Aaron Hockley of Hockley Photography

Relive Ignite Portland 3, or see it for the first time, through the eye of Aaron Hockley.

Speaking at Velocity Conference : Cloud Four

Jason Grigsby writes “I’m speaking today at the Velocity Conference in San Francisco. Back in 2003 when John and I spent weeks working on performance, we never thought performance would reach the point where a whole conference would be focused on it. It’s an amazing thing.”

Platial News and Neogeography: A Glimpse Of The World Around Me

Di-Ann Eisnor writes “So, where does Platial/Frappr go from here? That’s what we’re thinking about these days. Maybe you are thinking about where you go now as well. In case you are, I thought I’d share a few ideas from The Art Of Travel that are helping me rediscover the original spark of our work.”