Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for June 24

Future of this site: PortlandSmallBusiness.com

Kevin Spence writes “PortlandSmallBusiness will be a year old in August. I’m trying to figure out how to make the time working on this site worthwhile. There are aspects of this site that I enjoy but it has cut into my livelihood over the past year. I decided early on that this site would be distinct from my primary business (not a blog promoting that business) and should stand on its own. I’ve enjoyed some success growing the site but I’m not sure how to be make the site worthwhile to users and myself.”

OpenID, The Chicken or the Egg

Eric Nelson writes “Us Intrigees have hopped on the OpenID bandwagon. For me personally, becoming involved in the Portland community and companies like Vidoop and JanRain have really opened my eyes to the prospects and work going on with this piece of technology. Most of the conversations I hear about OpenID revolve around usability, including our own Nathan Bell’s thoughts on putting OpenID in the browser. However, I myself am not a tech guy, and see a bigger issue with adoption that needs to be addressed by those of us in the believer category, making it relevant to the majority of users.”

Announcing The Substance Summit

David Lowe-Rogstad writes “The first in a series of conversations with the Portland creative community to help each other understand how we can be more inclusive, collaborative and effective. We have been inspired by Portland’s creative technology community (Legion of Tech and Silicon Florist to name a few) to help facilitate an environment where we share ideas and create a place that draws the best talent and the best clients to Portland to get the best creative work possible.”

Web Worker Daily: Use Your OpenID via Email

From Web Worker Daily “We’ve looked with some skepticism on OpenID in the past. Nevertheless, as more sites accept OpenID for login, it’s worth knowing about advances in the field. One recent change is the introduction of Emailtoid (that’s email-to-id, not some sort of android), which allows you to use your email address anywhere that you could use an OpenID.”

OEN Blog: “Rogues and Renegades” (aka entrepreneurs) for the 15th Annual OEN Tom Holce Awards for Entrepreneurial Achievement

The Oregon Entrepreneurs Network has selected thirteen “Rogues and Renegades” (aka entrepreneurs) for the 15th Annual OEN Tom Holce Awards for Entrepreneurial Achievement. Finalists and award winners will be recognized during the event at the Oregon Convention Center on September 18, 2008. Congrats to all of the nominees!

Is Twitter Changing Real Life Social Interactions?

Corvida writes “Last week I had the pleasure of flying out to Portland for Ignite Portland 3. I had a fabulous time and met some really awesomesauce people including one of my biggest idols Marshall Kirkpatrick, fellow Grand Effect Network member and now team writer for ReadWriteWeb, Frederic of The Last Podcast, and a host of other people that I’ll mention in another post that’s all about the trip to Portland. What I’m going to talk about in this post is what occurred at the after party hosted by Strands at Imbibe. “