Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for June 25

Why Web 2.0 Is No Bubble: Corporations Are Willing to Pay for It – The Groundswell Effect

From Harvard Business “Everyone seems to want an answer to the question ‘When will Web 2.0 startups start making money?’ The implication is that unless we can answer the question, the ‘bubble’ of Web 2.0 will burst and all of us who believe in this stuff will be revealed as fantasists. The fact is, it’s incredibly hard to make money as a Web 2.0 startup aimed at consumers.”

Social Networking; Bubble or Bankable?

From Fast Company Buzz “And since Fast Company Buzz is all about finding out whose doing what and what’s working, I talked with the CEOs of two companies that are riding the bubble all the way to the bank. Michael Berkley CEO of SplashCast Media, a company that distributes branded content channels in social networks, explained how his company creates effective and profitable advertising on Web 2.0 platforms like Facebook. Mike said, ‘If you want to advertise to the social media crowd you need to make sure you do a couple of things…'”

Help Me Understand Techmeme and Their Selection Process

Jason Harris writes “Techmeme is, by and large, a fantastic way to stay up on the present buzz occurring in the tech blogosphere. However, I’m confused at how the system works so I’m hoping to shed some light on the subject with this post and the conversation that ensues. In talking to other blogging friends, I’m not the only one who is curious about this subject.”

Lighthouse member/invites system gets some love

Will writes “Last Wednesday, we took Lighthouse offline to deploy some bug fixes and give it some serious feature love. Our original intention was to blog about the new features the next morning so that users would wake up to something pretty cool, but we got a little sidetracked tweaking some last minute details. Now we owe our users a blog post, so without further ado…”

Clicky releases new weekly and monthly views for all data

Via the Clicky blog “When we introduced the new line graphs, one key feature of Clicky was removed because it was quite challenging to implement in this new flash software, and we didn’t want major differences between the two different views. Also, I was feeling lazy.”