Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for June 28

SplashCast Owns Top Music Apps on MySpace

Via the SplashCast blog “SplashCast currently owns the top 12 of 20 most recently popular music applications on MySpace. Other than the Coldplay and LilWayne apps, SplashCast apps have more installs than any other artist-specific apps in the entire MySpace platform.”

Wi-Fi and the blues

Mike Rogoway writes “The Personal Telco Project, perhaps reinvigorated by the collapse of Portland’s citywide Wi-Fi project, is more active than I’ve seen it in months at breaking out new wireless initiatives.”

Twitter Status (well, the fake one anyways)

Scott Kveton pointed out the fake Twitter status blog. If you’re a Twitter user, you’ll get the joke. Unfortunately.

Mugasha Blog

Mugasha, a product of the recent Portland Startup Weekend, continues to make strides. I just noticed that they have officially launched their blog.

MetroSEEQ: Requesting feedback on information architecture

Via the MetroSEEQ blog “After nearly 3 weeks of launching metroseeq, I’ve received significant input on site usability. Therefore, I’ve decided to redesign with the objective to help users to find nearby businesses that have promotions quickly. This came as a natural evolution of the site as it was first designed to show off the pageless progressive search algorithm, but more people seems to be more interested in finding deals so thats’ what I’ll deliver and improve upon.”

An Open Letter to Mr. Panic & Mr. MacroMates

Kyle Meyer writes “You have so much going for you; you upload my files after every compulsive save, automatically. You organize my mess of websites into a visual metaphor that works impeccably well. You even house all the documentation I could ever need—right in that one gorgeous app. You’re even from my hometown of Portland, Oregon! I live right down the street from you, in fact. And yet, there’s a fundamental flaw that keeps me from purchasing and using Coda. I need Ctrl+Shift+W, Mr Panic. I want to love you, but I need your help.”

Free to Migrate

Chris Messina of Vidoop shares his thoughts on BarCamp, coworking, DiSo and open source in this presentation from Reboot 10.