Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for July 22

Cautionary Tale – TechBoise

Via the TechBoise blog “Those of you on Twitter or at OSCON have already seen the posts from @kveton and @turoczy about the press that Vidoop is getting as they move their corporate headquarters from Oklahoma to Portland. I think there are at least three important lessons in this article I am reposting from the Oregonian…”

How ClearSpace won me back

Ariel Meilij writes “Matt is the CTO of Jive Software, and a real executive worried about customer satisfaction if he cared to read my post from swamp humid Central America (I am from Panama after all…) I am not only happy to hear from the CTO himself, but also to realize the new version is already in use by Nike, and my mark-up now makes a lot of sense. Not perfect yet, but almost there.”

Call for Recommender Start-Ups: The Fastest Path to Fund your Project

Via the Strands blog “Back in March we announced the ‘Strands $100,000 Call for Recommender Start-Ups,’ the Fastest Path to Fund your Project. Now that we are getting closer to the end of the submission period, next September 15th, we’d love to receive your proposal!”

iPhone DevCamp 2 Comes to Portland

Doug Coleman writes “Good news! iPhone developer geeks do not have to travel all the way to San Francisco for DevCamp 2. There will be a live satellite event at Portland Community College’s Cascade Campus that is open to the public and is free.”

Congrats to Chris Messina

Scott Kveton writes “Tonight Chris Messina won a Google Open Source Award as ‘Best Community Amplifier’ for his tireless work spreading ‘open’ everywhere. I’ve known Chris for several years now and its been an absolute pleasure not only to be in the same space but now I get to work with him at Vidoop on a daily basis.”

OSCON 2008 – People for Geeks: Leading without being in charge

Selena Deckelmann writes “Here’s my slide deck from People for Geeks. Will be uploading to slideshare soon!”

Where will the mobile open source battle will be waged?

Jay Lyman writes “Attending the Open Mobile Exchange at OSCON today, I heard some differing perspectives on the role and impact of open source in the mobile software market. We heard from Linux Foundation executive director Jim Zemlin how significant Linux is in the mobile and embedded spaces, some of the non-desktop Linux uses we predicted would be hot this year.”

Calagator: Your Search Terms, Direct to your Calendar

Audrey Eschright writes “As we’ve been working on Calagator, I’ve told people ‘we want you to be able to have a calendar with only the Ruby and beer events if that’s what you like’ as our goal for tagging, search, and feeds. This weekend we accomplished that goal. Now, if you enter a search term into the box in the upper right corner of the page, you’ll be offered Atom and iCalendar feeds to subscribe to. It’s a proud moment.”

Legion of Talk Event Podcast | Mark Shuttleworth on Ubuntu and Space Travel

Amber Case writes “This is the full 84 minute audio recording of the talk that Mark Shuttleworth gave on Monday, July 21st at McMenamins Mission Theater. The talk was sponsored by Oregon’s own Strands and Legion of Tech. Mark Shuttleworth will also be speaking tomorrow at O’Reilly’s OSCON 08, a week-long Tech Event here in Portland.”

The Change Project

Mark Shuttleworth lends a hand in helping Peat Bakke launch “The Change Project.”