Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for July 29

Geospatial Networking on Ning

Via the BlinkGeo blog “Call it visionary if you will (or perhaps just a 5 minute online detour I took a while back), but I had forgotten that I had set up a Geospatial social network on Ning.”

Ma.gnolia: Welcome, New Linkers

Via the ma.gnolia blog “Every so often we take a look at some of the new people in the Ma.gnolia community in the past few months, and try to spot some good people for the Featured Linker space. We look for people with diverse interests, who we find interesting to follow and think you might as well. Some are geeky, some are the farthest thing from it, some are in-between, but they’re all interesting in their own right, and they’re all close by in our corner of the interwebs.”

OSCON in 37 minutes

Via the RailsEnvy blog “Last week at O’Reilly’s Open Source Convention (OSCON) I decided to put together a video attempting to capture the essence of the event (I did something similar with Railsconf in 36 minutes earlier this year). I ended up with is 37 minute video of great speakers including the keynoters Tim O’Reilly, Damien Conway, Tim Bray, Robert Lefkowitz, David Recordon, Nathan Torkington, and Danese Cooper. “

Get Excited, We’re Launching Things

Via the Intrigo blog “In case you’ve noticed that we’ve been a little light on the posts recently, it’s all because our great clients have been keeping us so busy. In fact, so busy we’ve got three big launches coming up in August! Here’s just enough to start whetting your appetite…”

Platial Nearby on the Front Page

From the Platial blog “Raven Zachary, man about town when it comes to all things iPhone, has his watchful eye on the iTunes App Store basically 24/7. He pinged us this morning with the delightful news that our app, Nearby, is making it’s debut right on the front page today.”

What Startups Can Learn From Haruki Murakami

Alex Iskold writes “The genius of Murakami is in his discipline, focus and determination. I see him as a virtual Zen master – an embodiment of wisdom, passion, skills and exceptional will. The elements of his work and life story are inspirational and (here’s where ReadWriteWeb comes in) particularly applicable when you’re running a startup. Therefore in this post, we take a look at what modern technology startups can learn from this Japanese literary master.”

OpenID gets the third degree at OSCON

Is OpenID a panacea, a placebo, or something in between? Opposing viewpoints took turns on center stage Wednesday afternoon at OSCON 2008. The session entitled “A Critical View of OpenID” started off as anything but critical, but once the audience got its turn to raise questions, things got more interesting.