Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for July 31

The Beer and Blog Schedule

Justin Kistner writes “Friends, we have been Beer and Blogging it since the beginning of the year. After almost 8 months, I think we finally have a predictable format. Here’s what I’m thinking we’ll do…”

Changes: I’m joining RWW full time as VP of Content Development…and I’m getting married!!! http://bit.ly/1FZugB woo hoo! – FriendFeed

Best Friendfeed comment and liking EVAR!

Marshall Kirkpatrick » Changes: I’m Joining RWW Full Time & Getting Married!

News from Marshall Kirkpatrick is so nice, I’m posting it twice.

louisgray.com: Where You Get Your Tech News Shapes Your Tech Views

Louis Gray writes “I just got off the phone with my friend Chris and we talked about how we hardly blog anymore. Also about how nothing seems that exciting in tech lately. It’s mostly about Google and the iPhone over and over. Are we just cynical or have things quieted down considerably?”