Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for August 01

6 Y Combinator Startups I Would Have Invested In Back Then

Dharmesh Shah writes “I have been tracking Y Combinator (a new kind of venture firm for early, early stage startups) for several years. They have a distinctive approach to the early-stage funding process and have funded some interesting companies. YC is in the news again because of Google’s recent acquisition of Omnisio, a YC investment.”

Silicon Swings and Silicon Roundabouts

Via the Test blog “ather than point out that the idea is not a new one, or shoot it down in flames, I thought I’d look at the idea from three perspectives – the people who might need a Tech-Hub, the people who might run it, and the people who might fund it. In my experience, its the overlaps and (more importantly) the differences between the needs of these three groups that most schemes like this don’t plan for, and find difficult to accommodate.” (Hat tip Michael Richardson)

Online Community Presentations

Dawn Foster writes “I’ve been doing a few presentations about online communities recently, and I finally got around to uploading a few of them to SlideShare. I thought people might be interested in seeing them.”

Portland 501 Tech Club/Net Tuesday: eNonprofit Benchmarks

An Analysis of Online Messaging, Fundraising and Advocacy Metrics for Nonprofit Organizations at AboutUs on August 26.

Startup: Vital signs of a young regional company

Vancouver-based Iterasi gets the startup spotlight in The Oregonian this week. “A personal Web archive that allows people to save Web pages on Iterasi’s server. The personal accounts can be searched and shared with others.”

Lots of Monkey business

My favorite “That’s a Portland company?” startup, SurveyMonkey, gets covered by the Portland Business Journal. “Their Pearl District office may be festooned with stuffed monkey dolls, a string of monkey lights, even a monkey-face door mat. But Chris and Ryan Finley aren’t monkeying around.”

Welcome to South by Southwest 2009

One, two, three… take advantage of the unique industry convergence at SXSW 2009. Maximize your experience by registering now.