Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for August 12

AboutUs page count tops 12 million

Via the AboutUs blog “Back in February, I posted that AboutUs pagecount tops 11 million*. At the time, our statistics page was broken so there was nothing to link to. Now it’s fixed, sort of. We still don’t have a way to filter out stubs, personal pages or meta pages.”

My Big Changes at DuVinci

Adam DuVander writes “I want to help others create on the Web. There are designers with great skills who want to learn to program. And there are bright business owners who can’t execute on their ideas. I believe anyone can learn to program. I’m looking forward to proving that.”

Substance at SXSW – Substance

Via the Substance blog “We’re really excited about the ideas for the presentation, but first we need your help. If you’d be so kind as to visit the SXSW Interactive Panel Picker (here’s a direct link to our presentation), register, and give our presentation a high star rating, we’d sincerely appreciate it (you have until August 29th to voice your opinion). And if there’s specific stuff you’d like us to cover in the presentation as it pertains to the session description, please leave it in the comments. Thanks in advance, and we hope to see you in Austin in 2009.”

PDX Critique at CubeSpace (Monday August 25, 2008)

PDX Critique meets once a month to share feedback on works in progress. Please see our website for details on how to sign up to show your work.

Listen (If You Wanna Know a Secret) – ClickZ

What’s becoming clear, especially for marketers, is that ignoring the conversation of your audience is hazardous. You miss things. Big things, like well-connected customers upset about things you could probably fix and capitalize on if only you knew about them. Jive Software CMO Sam Lawrence summed it up like this: “When Marketing can feel comfortable becoming listeners instead of blasting sales messages, dramatic change ensues.”