Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for August 13

Zapproved: A Lightweight Decision Making App

Marshall Kirkpatrick writes “Want to go to fewer meetings at work? By making group decision making faster, easier and more accountable, new app Zapproved may help you avoid hours of painful face to face drudgery or endless email loose ends and get back to work. Zapproved is a lightweight hosted decision making service, it’s essentially like Evite for approval processes.”

Platial Testing Out Ads on Frappr

Via the Platial blog “We thought it was about time to see if we could support ourselves with some minimal Frappr advertising. For this test we’re just advertising our own iPhone app. Please let us know what you think. We’re close to being able to let you opt-out of the ads as well.”

Seattle VC firms Maveron and Voyager Capital venture southward » VentureBeat

Via Venturebeat “Meanwhile, Voyager Capital has made moves to the south, as well, bringing on a new partner, Diane Fraiman (right), to open an office in Portland, Oregon and adding another, Daniel Ahn, as a managing director of its franchise in Menlo Park, Calif. — home of the big Silicon Valley venture capital firms.”

In which Verso has a Lunch (2.0) date

Verso writes “Earlier today I happened to be reading my friend Rick Turoczy’s blog and imagine my surprise when he offered to buy me lunch! Well having had a good experience last time I had lunch with Rick I figured I would be foolish to pass up his offer. So off I went to CubeSpace and imagine my surprise when I saw a number of people there whom I recognized! Turns out Rick had extended his invite to a number of others as well, but somehow I had mistakenly read it as just for me.”

Portland Lunch 2.0 at Cube Space courtesy of Silicon Florist

Gary Pool writes “I had a great time at lunch today. It was called Lunch 2.0. We played networking games like meet someone you don’t know. I met some new friends and networked with some old ones. We shared some job related war stories and tall tales.”

Lunch 2.0: My Twitter-y Experience | Our PDX Network

Via OurPDX blog “In all of about 45 minutes I was able to put faces with names of people I already knew, and connect with them face to face outside of the Internets. There is one thing to be said for just walking up and talking to strangers at a networking event, but when you already know what goes on in their daily lives, it’s so much better.”