Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for August 17

Learning To Live With Less: Constraints, Rules And Web Startups

From Silicon Alley Insider “I believe web services benefit from doing less, not more. I believe that allowing the users to stitch web apps together to get increased functionality is better than a web service trying to do everything for everyone.”

OregonStartups.com News: Your Idea is wrong – But Go for it Anyway

Steve Morris writes “Our experience at OTBC is similar. In the FastTrac® TechVenture® program we ran in the spring, roughly 70% of the participants significantly changed their business idea, or completely abandoned it for another idea.”

Vimeo AIR App Coming Soon? – ReadWriteWeb

Corvida thinks that Vimeo, the video-sharing service with a Portland tie, may be working on an AIR app. “If an AIR application does come down the pipeline, we’re sure Vimeo users will be happy video campers. The description does enough to hint at a possible AIR app in the future and tons more. Vimeo users may also see some site changes and additions in the near future too if developers with these skillsets are signed on. Here’s to hoping that a Vimeo AIR app comes soon!”