Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for August 26

40+ Eye-Opening OpenID Sites and Services

Via Mashable “Ultimately, all you will ever need is your single OpenID URL or an email address linked to it. Here’s where you can get your own OpenID and all of the sites that support it.”

Coda 1.5 now available

Via Panic ” Coda 1.5 is now available for download from our web site. Full release notes for this version are also available. This is a free upgrade for all Coda owners. We encourage all Coda users to upgrade to this latest version. “

Twitter / AdamD: I nominate @turoczy to create…

Adam DuVander has thrown down the gauntlet. Who’s game? At the very least, it will be head and shoulders above OregonLive.

Choke, gasp… Is that the death rattle of the corporate blog?

Via the Polymer Studios blog “It’s true that most corporate blogs are boring and nobody reads them. And that’s because many corporate communicators either don’t get blogging or, if they do, are having a heck of a time inspiring Glasnost in the executive suite. What’s the ROI? Who has time to blog? What will Legal say?”

From Telephone to Tweetup | An Inverge Presentation

Amber Case writes “The invention of the telephone ushered in an era of ‘on-demand’ social connection. These conversations were freeing, but were still limited to location and time. As communication technology matured, telephones became detached from their cords and were allowed to travel with their users. This detachment from location allowed conversation to happen in more times and more places.”

gary vaynerchuk » You can have both….Jobs. – my 2 minute take on life

Gary Vaynerchuk says “Way too many people out there think that you have to quit your day job to start your new career online, I find that crazy and it just comes down to cutting out wasted time! It all comes down to Hustle 2.0.”