Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for August 27

Venture capital is blowing through the Columbia Gorge

Via The Oregonian “”We’re not too far away from Portland, and some investors already have second homes here,” said Bill Fashing, coordinator of the Hood River County Economic Development Department…. The first Gorge Angel Conference on Sept. 23 will showcase local startups competing for $100,000 in seed money. “

Tech talent

Via The Bend Bulletin “The two-year-old group, along with other technology-oriented user groups in the region, also has been instrumental in attracting attention from the Software Association of Oregon. Harvey Mathews, the association’s president, said COISUG is one reason the SAO has agreed to begin discussions with the groups to form a Central Oregon chapter.”

Zumeo: Cool place for hot jobs

Via the Mail Tribune “What do you get when you cross the social-networking concept behind Facebook and MySpace with the job-searching tools in Monster.com and CareerBuilder.com? For five young Southern Oregon entrepreneurs, the answer is a dream of global proportions.”

Gnomedex 2008! Tapping into the Tech Conversation

Jason Harris provides another great wrap-up of the Gnomedex experience. Have we convinced you to go next year, yet?

Django 1.0 beta 2 released!

Simon Willison writes “Django 1.0 beta 2 released! 1.0 draws ever closer. Important new features include major documentation and comment system refactorings, plus the removal of a bunch of deprecated code (including oldforms). Feature and string freezes are now in place, so it’s just bugs and documentation improvements between now and the final release.”