Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for September 03

Remember to Celebrate the Small Victories | Internet Astronauts :: Bootstrap Startup Blog

Darius Monsef writes “Launching a new project can sometimes feel like you’re trying to summit a mountain made of sand… with every step forward, you sink back down a little. As you grit your teeth and push on step after step up that mountain, it’s easy to forget to stop and take a look back down to see just how far you’ve come. These are very important moments for you. For taking time to thank and acknowledge those that helped you get there and to refresh your mind, body and soul.”

Tulsa World: Vidoop leaving Tulsa

Via Tulsa World “Tulsa technology company Vidoop LLC is in the process of moving its headquarters and operations to Portland, Ore. Company co-founder Joel Norvell said the decision to move Vidoop and more than 40 employees was based on the company’s desire to be closer to the nation’s tech center.”

Viral Prone Multimedia Player Splashcast is All About Social Media | Today’s Best Tools

James Helms writes “[C]onsider Splashcast as a powerful demand driven online tool that if leveraged in the right ways can virally spread your message throughout the internet.”

Django 1.0 released!

Congrats to the folks who have been toiling on Django (a number of whom reside right here in the Rose City). Django 1.0, a high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design, has been officially released.

Shizzow Blog · Shizzow Tweaks for the Week

Via the Shizzow blog “We wanted to let you know about a few enhancements that we pushed out this week. This is our way of showing you we care.”

Think you know something about your listening habits? Take the Strands Music Quiz!

Via the Strands blog “Strands Music Quiz is an addictive game for the iPhone that challenges you with questions relating to your own musical taste. Compete with your friends and see who is the real music expert!”

Iterasi Blog: iterasi Magic Bus Rides at Inverge

The Iterasi Magic Bus makes a triumphant return. “It’s a big reason why I am so excited to get the iterasi magic bus back on out and welcome some people from the inverge conference on a little trip Thursday evening to see some works by local artists over in a part of town they might normally not visit. I’m talking inner SE Portland, one of the most exciting, emerging artist communities in the Pacific Northwest.”