Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for September 04

Looks like it will be a nice day for “working” at Beer and Blog

Via the Beer and Blog, um, blog “I know we’ve got Inverge going on this weekend, so if you’d like to grab a happy hour drink and share your conference experiences, you’ll find some friendly ears. Let people know you’ll be there by RSVPing on Upcoming.”

Take your Side Project to a Startup on September 12-13 at Legion of Tech

Via the Legion of Tech blog “If you were at Barcamp Portland, you may have stopped by for the My Other Thing session. (if you weren’t there you can listen to this recording of a great, freewheeling discussion) The session led by Rick Turoczy and Banana Lee Fishbones. After the group separated, people talked about wanting more – more discussions, more connections… maybe even – a conference! Inspired by that session, From Side Project to Startup was born.”

Who’s This Week’s Guest on Strange Love Live? | Our PDX Network

Betsy Richter writes “Why, that would be Yours Truly. What will I be talking about this Friday at 10 pm at the house of our own Cami Kaos & Doctor Normal? Why, OurPDX, of course!”

Major, major loss to the Oregon blogosphere (Jack Bog’s Blog)

Jack Bogdanski writes “I can understand where Bausch is coming from, but perhaps there is some way to keep ORblogs (or something like it) alive. It will probably take a lot of time and money, but don’t we bloggers and blog readers think it would be worth it?”

Rallying to Save ORBlogs | Our PDX Network

Betsy Richter writes “So I caught and responded to the email from Bojack suggesting that we do something. Jumped in the Twitter stream to help egg on people like @turoczy and @ahockley and @oregoniansteve (who’s now taking this to TPTB at The O) and @jbancroft and others wanting to jump in here to help turn the ship around. Cheered on Rick Turoczy at Silicon Florist as he sounded the trumpets on this post: Can ORBlogs be saved? (please jump over there and add your two cents, will you?)”

edwardjoninoregon: ORblogs has Closed

Edwardjon writes “I listed my blog on ORblogs ever since I started this thing. I also used ORblogs to preview a synopsis of what other Corvallis bloggers were saying. ORblogs closing is a real loss to our area. I am sad to see it go away.”

B. Dorr’s Blog » Blog Archive » ORblogs calls it quits

B, Dorr writes “Although I don’t know Mr. Bausch personally, but I just want to say thank you, Mr. Bausch, for your dedicated service for all the bloggers. You will be missed.”

ORBlogs is gone? No, we can’t let it go! | Positively Glorious!

Mettadore writes “Oregon Blogs is a small, under-appreciated resource that many of us used more than we realized. We won’t know what we’re missing until it’s gone.”