Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for September 08


Biff! Ka-Blam! Shizzow! | Our PDX Network

Betsy Richter writes “Shizzow has roared out of the Batcave and taken on a life of its own – it’s now the creation of four local PDX tech gurus, and it’s billed as a ‘location-based social web service that we built with the goal of helping you build quality relationships through face-to-face interaction.'”

ReadWriteTalk: Google Chrome

Tune in to this ReadWriteWeb-produced podcast to hear Portland’s Marshall Kirkpatrick, Vidoop’s Chris “Factoryjoe” Messina, and others discuss the new Web-browser darling Google Chrome.

CyborgCamp 2008

Our favorite cyborg anthropologist, Amber Case, and a number of other locals are hard at work on Cyborgcamp, “an unconference dedicated to exploring cyborg technology, anthropology, psychology, and philosophy.” (Please don’t tell Josh Bancroft. This will give him nightmares for weeks.)

ExpressionEngine 2.0 Delayed

Rick Ellis writes “I apologize to all who have been anxiously awaiting 2.0, but I can assure you that we are as anxious to get 2.0 released as you are to get it. This has been a huge project for us, so we need to get it right. Rushing it to market before it’s ready would be irresponsible, so we ask that you give us a bit more time. We promise the wait will be worth it.”

Monitoring Dashboards: Why every company should have one at Fast Wonder Blog: Consulting, Online Communities, and Social Media

Dawn Foster writes “I cannot put enough emphasis on the importance of using monitoring dashboards to understand what people are saying about you, your industry, your competitors and more. The information obtained can be used as ideas for blog posts, marketing messages, competitive analysis, product feedback and much more.” Not only is she wicked smart, she’ll be on the OEN PubTalk panel this Wednesday.

Greasemonkey Scripts for Flickr

Aaron Hockley writes “I use Firefox as my browser for Flickr, primarily because I can use several Greasemonkey scripts which add usability features to the Flickr pages. If you’re not familiar with Greasemonkey, it’s a Firefox add-on which allows scripts to be run which alter the display of a web page.”

JPV PDX: Unpacking InVerge ’08

JP Voilleque writes “InVerge is in the books, and there were a lot of amazing presentations and takeaways – and an equal amount of space for critique and comment. Everyone’s a critic, of course, but in this case I think that my (thoroughly informal) polling of audience and presenters, the Twitterstream, and Eric’s chats with people at the W + K reception, all combine to give me some standing to make some points about the conference as a whole.”

Announcing Clicky for your iPhone | Clicky Blog

Via the Clicky blog “We released a sneak peak of our new iPhone interface on Friday to some of our users, but we are announcing it officially today. If you have an iPhone or iPod touch, you can point it to m.getclicky.com and use an interface designed specifically for the iPhone.”