Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for September 09

Build a Tackle Box Before You Go Fishing: A Starter Kit for Internet Entrepreneurs | Internet Astronauts :: Bootstrap Startup Blog

Darius Monsef continues sharing his insights on startups with part 2 of the post he began with a Silicon Florist guest post. Grab a cup of coffee (or beverage of your choice) and spend a few minutes with this one.

SplashCast and Clearspring Partner to Create Social Advertising Network | CenterNetworks

Allen Stern writes “SplashCast and Clearspring have announced plans to partner together to create a social advertising network targeted towards consumer brands. SplashCast provides content management services while Clearspring is a widget distribution service.” (P.S. SplashCast hosts Portland Lunch 2.0 next week, September 17)

TC50: IMINDI Wants To Get Inside Your Head

As I mentioned on Twitter, IMINDI seesm to be the only Silicon Forest company launching at the TechCrunch 50. Here’s what they had to say. “IMINDI’s mind map is chart showing thoughts and those that branch off from them. Users can click on thoughts to see which thoughts on connected to them. IMINDI calls it the ‘journey of thought’ that will help connect people and share their information.” Mark Cuban’s comments are classic Cuban.

GREAT VCS RESPOND, FAST: Pick investors who give you unfair share of time and mind

Professor of entrepreneurship at Cornell University, John L. Nesheim writes “BOTTOM LINE: Pick your board members carefully. You get more than money with a venture capitalist. And you have to live with that person for half a decade or more…. [L]ook for their characteristics in the VCs and angels you are planning on using. When you find the right ones, they’ll help you build power into your unfair advantage.” (Hat tip Carolynn Duncan)

Honey, I Shrunk the Startups! | Redfin Corporate Blog

Via the Redfin Corporate blog “Venture capitalists are racing to miniaturize themselves toward the vanishing point. One of my favorite bloggers, Fred Wilson, recently asked why not ‘back 10 teams at $25,000 each instead of one team at $250,000’? Just last week a Seattle venture capitalist boasted that ‘we are seeing impressive companies being built for under $100,000.'” (Hat tip James Whitley)

GadgetTrak appears on Good Morning America

GadgetTrak was featured on Good Morning America, where the topic of tracking technology for gadgets was discussed. GadgetTrak provides theft recovery software for mobile devices including laptops, mobile phones, portable storage devices and more.

Shizzow Widget Contest

Via the Shizzow blog “Now that the RSS feeds for Shizzow are public, we would love to have a widget that takes an RSS feed from Shizzow and makes it look awesome in a blog sidebar. Yes, yes, we know this isn’t hard to do, but would you rather have us spend an hour on a widget or spend an hour working on SMS support and m.shizzow.com?”