Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for September 10

Tips for Pitching to Investors

Dawn Foster writes “Keep in mind that I am not an investment expert, but I wanted to pass along a few tips based on these 5 pitches and the questions / feedback from the panel of experts.”

OSCON hits the road – Silicon Forest – The Oregonian – OregonLive.com

Mike Rogoway writes “It’s a big blow to Portland’s rep as an open source capital. I asked O’Reilly Media, which puts on the event, what happened. Here’s what Gina Blaber replied…”

Platial: New Scoring Ranking Filtering on Search

Via the Platial blog “Mostly brought to the forefront due to feedback about results in the Nearby iPhone app, but also with no small benefit to the average Platial.com search results, we just pushed a new modification to the filtering and scoring algorithms.”

Three ways to prevent startup death

Via the Under the Radar blog “If you think your company has NO competition. You’re dead wrong.”

WhereCamp PDX at Souk Meeting Space (Saturday October 18, 2008) – Upcoming

WhereCampPDX is a free unconference focusing on all things geographical and cartographical. This informal meeting of minds welcomes all geo-locative enthusiasts, anyone who asks “where am I” or feels the need to “know their place”. We share a vision of a fully transparent world where data is geographically relevant and just in time.

Tweet PDX at Backspace (Thursday September 11, 2008) – Upcoming

The first official meetup for users of Twitter, old and new. But the event is open and available to non-Twitter people, or anyone who wants to learn more about blogging, tech, design, cyborgs…

Vimeo: One million videos

Via the Vimeo staff blog “I’ve been looking forward to saying this for a long time: there are now one million videos hosted on Vimeo. Amazingly, 100,000 of them are HD, making Vimeo the largest repository of high definition video anywhere in the world.”