Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for September 11

Talking with Paul Bausch about ORBlogs

John Metta writes “I learned a lot of important lessons during my talk with Paul Bausch about ORBlogs. I wanted to get a feeling for how he felt about the current excitement, and about the possibilities for the future. Most of all I wanted to make sure that the excitement wasn’t getting out of hand to him, and if he wanted to be involved in anyway.”

AboutUs: The results are in!

Via the AboutUs blog “The most valuable part of the survey results are the comments that we received. Here are a few about their experience and why they chose our service…”

iPhone Talks at Inverge 2008 | raven.me

Raven Zachary writes “Last week, I spoke at Inverge 2008, the interactive convergence conference held in Portland, Oregon. Conference founder Steve Gehlen was kind enough to give me not one, but two five-minute slots to talk about the iPhone.”

OSCON outgrows Portland

Dana Blankenhorn “Portland just doesn’t have the facilities to house a fast-growing conference covering a global audience. On the other hand LinuxWorld does not yet fill the Moscone Center, and San Jose also has a very attractive convention center.”

Come Drink With Us! | Our PDX Network

Come meet the OurPDX authors for drinks next week, will you?

Where Camp PDX 2008 – O’Reilly Radar

Brady Forrest writes “For the past two years the geo community has hosted WhereCamp right after Where 2.0 to discuss the events of the conference. Now it looks like WhereCamp is going regional! Portland will be hosting their own geo-oriented unconference called WhereCamp PDX from 10/18-19.”