Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for September 18

Automattic to Preview WordPress 2.7 at WordCamp Portland

Aaron Hockley writes “I’m excited to announce we have a great addition to our lineup of speakers for WordCamp Portland. Jane Wells from Automattic will be offering a look at some of the new features and changes that will be coming in WordPress 2.7.”

SplashCast has Politics

Tom Turnbull writes “The channel is a massive clearing house for some really great political content. Yesterday afternoon, I listened to a series of recent political speeches while working. Without divulging my political leanings (not that I hide them) some of the content fires me up, while some raises my hackles a bit – which is part of the fun of politics, after all.”

An Interview About WordCamp Portland

Aaron Hockley writes “Portland area freelance writer Kerri Buckley interviewed me about the upcoming WordCamp. Since it’s a blogging conference, I suggested the interview be posted on a blog.”

A case study in poor authentication: Palin’s Yahoo! email account

Greg Hughes writes “Vidoop uses a system like this for resetting information on their OpenID accounts. It’s simple and it works. It requires me to have the correct device (my phone), uses a different communication channel (the phone network, hence “out-of-band”) to contact me and then verifies I am a legitimate user. It requires me to interact as part of any change.”