Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for September 22

Strands, students, and haXe: Taking Web development to the next level

Via the Strands blog “As you might remember, Strands has organized the Strands Summer 2008 haXe Project (also see the announcement post), an opportunity for students to receive funding for open source development focused on the web based programming language “haXe“. Today, the Strands Summer 2008 haXe Project has officially come to a close.”

Happy OneWebDay!

Via the AboutUs blog “Today is OneWebDay, an international event celebrating online life on the 22nd of September each year. On OneWebDay.org it is explained as ‘a platform for people to educate and activate others about issues that are important for the Internet’s future’ and an ‘Earth Day for the internet.’ OneWebDay was founded by Susan Crawford in 2006, and has since spread all over the world.”

Linux Plumbers Conference: Mission Accomplished

Via Still Life with Chicken “I couldn’t have been happier with how the Linux Plumbers Conference went last week. I went back and looked at the original proposal that we had Arjan, Greg, and Randy present to the Linux Foundation, and we seem to have hit all our original goals.”

Walker Tracker in the blog world today

Via the Walker Tracker blog “It’s a busy day at Walker Tracker. We were chosen as a Kim Komando cool site of the day. Thanks, Kim! We were blogged on Crooked Timber, by Eszter Hargittai. Thanks Eszter! And we signed our first Private Level in New Zealand.”

Smart Phones for the Masses

Peat Bakke writes “Which gets me thinking — in ten years it could cost under $10 to build a mobile device equivalent to the iPhone, thanks to Moore’s Law. With an open source operating system (like Google’s Android), and an open hardware platform (like the Neo FreeRunner), a remarkable new level of capability and opportunity will be available to the people and communities who can only afford bare bones mobile phones today.”