Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for September 26

PDX #powerballVC: Fund startups using the lottery

Nate Angell writes “Based on an idea by @linuxaid, we announce the first PDX Powerball venture capitalist (#powerballVC) group. Our own Legion of Tech has been nominated as the trusted #powerballVC steward and will receive 10% of any winnings to support their awesome work to grow and nurture the local Portland community through free, educational, community-run technology events. Anyone who gives/pledges $5 no later than noon tomorrow (ie, 12pm PT Saturday 27 Sep 2008) can join the final draw and I’ll collect your contribution later if necessary. All entrants will split the winnings equally, minus LoT’s share.”

Hazelnut Tech Talk Episode 11 | On The Road With The Infovore | Hazelnut Tech Talk

Via Hazelnut Tech Talk “This episode features Troy Harlan, wherein we talked about information gathering, filtering and consuming (naturally,) human factors, trilobites, reading at 2,000 words per minute, INTP’s, striving for objectivity, The Black Swan, hunches, and why it’s better to “have no map at all than have the wrong map”—all recorded on the road from St. Johns to downtown Portland.”

Shizzow Blog · Tweaks of the Week: Nearby People on the Place Page

Via the Shizzow blog “We released a couple of new things yesterday. As always, this our way of proving that we like you and actually listen to all of that feedback you post on Get Satisfaction.”