Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for September 30

Oregon Blogs Aggregator Goes Live | Oregon Blogs

Via the ORBlogs 2.0 blog “Wow, you people move fast! I guess we should expect that if there’s a story to break, bloggers are going to be there before anyone! Yes, Virginia, there is an Oregon Blogs aggregator. But it’s time for some pause before swamping the poor fellow’s server.”

Making Clearspace look and act a little like Facebook

Gia Lyons writes “Who Cares? HR departments should, that’s who. All those Gen Y new-hires could join your company, and immediately feel comfy with your social software environment, because their homepage sort of resembles what they’re used to using already. You find recruits on Facebook, right?”

LinuxCon: The anti-OSCON? – Silicon Forest

Mike Rogoway writes “A lot remains unresolved — the venue, the exact dates, admission prices — but it’s certainly a shot in the arm for a city that had seemed to be losing some of its Linux-buffed sheen.”

Open source conference evolution, restart with LinuxCon

Jay Lyman writes “I’ve long been lucky to have some of the key open source software conferences occurring in my home town, Portland, Oreg. While I was sad to see recently that the biggest Portland open source show of all, OSCON, was moving to the Bay Area, I was encouraged this week when the Linux Foundation announced LinuxCon, to be in Portland September 2009.”

Corporate Community Trend: Focus on People at Fast Wonder Blog: Consulting, Online Communities, and Social Media

Dawn Foster writes “I was looking at the new SocialText 3.0 release this morning, which TechCrunch describes as a blend of “Facebook, Twitter and the Enterprise”, when I started thinking about a trend that I have been noticing for quite a while related to companies, communities, and community software.”

OurPDX author/reader meetup at Green Dragon Bistro & Brewpub (Wednesday October 8, 2008) – Upcoming

“Join the OurPDX authors (and help celebrate Betsy’s birthday!) at the Green Dragon. We’ll have appetizers there for all to share (although you’ll need to spring for your own beverages or full-on meals, though.)” The “Green Dragon”? Never heard of it.

(The) Startup Depression « The Jason Calacanis Weblog

Jason Calacanis writes “the goal of this post was not to spread fear, but rather inspire folks at startup companies to get focused and to save as many as possible from hitting the wall. Myself? We’ll I funded Mahalo for the long-term and while the market down turn isn’t good for anyone, we’re largely immune from it because we are building on a five year plan that we’re only 18 months into.”

SAO October Tech Pub – Dawn Foster at Renaissance on the Riverfront (Thursday October 9, 2008) – Upcoming

Corvallis gets the chance to pick Dawn Foster’s brain, thanks to the SAO.

Justin Kistner On WordPress Ecosystem: A WordCamp Portland Event Review « Link En Fuego

Bram Pitoyo writes “WordCamp Portland, the city’s first conference+unconference around the blogging platform, was happening all day Saturday (where by “all day” I mean “from 8 am to 11:45 pm,” partly thanks to Aaron Hockley’s diligence.) On the first breakout session, Justin Kistner made a presentation on setting up a WordPress backchannel ecosystem for team collaboration and work delegation.”

Scott Blomquist » Now 25% more CTO!

Scott Blomquist (recent Vidoop transplant) writes “I’m really enjoying Portland overall—I never have trouble finding interesting things to do or interesting people to talk to. I actually think I’ve become acquaintances with more techies here in 3 weeks than I managed to meet the entire time I was in Tulsa. I’m sure it’s not entirely Tulsa’s fault, but there are so many well-established and well-attended tech events here that it makes it really easy to meet lots and lots of people.”