Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for October 06

Don’t Make Your Blog an OpenID Provider

Aaron Hockley writes “One of the new features in Will’s plugin is the ability for a WordPress blog to act as an OpenID provider. I know there’s some logic behind this feature, but it’s not for Joe Blow with a Blog to take over the word as yet another provider. My buddy Adam wrote a piece at Webmonkey titled Make Your Blog an OpenID Provider, but I respectfully disagree with that proposition.”

Reflections: Notes from Running WordCamp Portland

And Aaron Hockley writes this as well “Last Saturday was WordCamp Portland the first WordPress blogging conference in Oregon. I led a team of volunteers to produce and manage the event, based somewhat on other WordCamps I’ve read about along with other tech events in our area. This is a writeup on some things to consider for other similar events.”