Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for October 20

The trouble with social media is, well, people.

Via ITS insider “The individual in question, Chris Kalini, along with his wife Jessa, are both what we’ve come to know as ‘Gen Y’ employees. Chris is a web designer and now happily employed at Euro RSCG as a front-end web developer/designer. The problem with Chris is, well, he blogs his life. Everything gets published– from playing pool, to helping friends move, to ordering pizza, to cooking with Jessa. Did anyone expect him not to blog losing his job?”

See These Talks at Ignite Portland 4 at Ignite Portland

Via the Ignite Portland blog “Man, that was TOUGH. We received over 50 talk ideas for Ignite Portland 4. The vast majority of them were really, really good. But we only have room for 13 talks on stage at the Bagdad (plus the traditional ‘What is Ignite?’ talk). So before I announce what those 13 talks are going to be, I just want to give a HUGE “Thank You!” to everyone who submitted a talk that wasn’t chosen.”

October is a month of many conferences

Selena Deckelmann writes “I just blogged about WhereCampPDX, and am enjoying a few days of quiet before heading out to Google for the Summer of Code Mentor’s summit this coming weekend. I was so busy I didn’t have much time to blog about the PostgreSQL Conference West. “

Announcing MIDIator

Ben Bleything writes “I was just looking at my FeedBurner statistics and noticed that my feed readership has gone up by approximately 100 in the past year. Then I looked at my blog and realized I hadn’t posted anything Ruby-related in 2008. Then I remembered that I’m a Ruby programmer and decided to release some software for the express purpose of blogging an announcement. Okay, not really. Well. The last part is mostly a lie. I guess. On to the point…”


Via Ideademic “And just like that, Elementary becomes Ideademic. Here’s to a moment of evolution among our medley of firsts, iterations and lessons that we’ve experienced over the last four months. We write to share the stories of Ideademic, past and present, and shed a little light on our up to now decidedly vague startup.”

Jama Software Wins Bend Venture Conference

Via Techvibes “Jama Software won the Bend Venture Conference on friday. They were part of the 5 companies which presented business pitches to the 250 people who went to the conference. Jama provides an webservice which facilitates collaborative software product development.”