Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for October 22

OpenID Case Studies Highlight Website Benefits from Accepting OpenID

Via the JanRain blog “What do a social news and content aggregator, a map-based real estate listing service, and a programmer collaboration and community website have in common? They are all innovators in their fields who have implemented OpenID as a single sign-on (SSO) method for their users and seen a significant increase in new registrations and improved login for repeat visitors.”

GOSCON gives government good open source ideas

Via The 451 Group “As always, the Government Open Source Conference (GOSCON) in Portland, Oreg. provided some fascinating discussion about how governments across the country and across the globe are using open source and how they want to use more of it.”

AboutUs front page tops 20 million pageviews

Via the AboutUs blog “You may have noticed that I like to post the numbers from AboutUs. Some of them get smaller (which is good), like our Alexa ranking. Some of them get bigger (which is good), like our page count.”

Custom Searches and Mozilla Geode

Via the Shizzow blog “Since everybody was talking about Geode last week, we decided to give it a whirl. If you are using Mozilla Firefox, have Geode installed and have your wi-fi device enabled, the Shizzow dashboard will use Geode to try to auto-determine where you are at.”

GOSCON closing notes | OpenSourcery

Thomas King writes “Well, the two day core program of GOSCON comes to a close this evening, and I’m left with more ideas than I can possibly digest here. Instead of attempting to chronicle every presentation, I’ll share some high-level notes that I’ll take away from my interactions here.”