Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for October 23

Janrain Blog: OpenID User Experience (UX) Summit

Via the JanRain blog “On Monday of this week over 40 people from Yahoo!, AOL, Google, Microsoft, MySpace, Facebook, Plaxo, JanRain, SixApart, Vidoop, and others came together at an OpenID user experience (UX) summit hosted by Raj Mata and Allen Tom of Yahoo.”

Coffee Deals

Via Around the Sun “Free coffee. Need I say more? With this coupon, you can get a free tall coffee, latte, espresso, cappuccino, or hot tea at Barnes & Noble. The coupon expires on October 31.”

COWPU on Rails

Upcoming COWPU on Rails at McMenamins Old St Francis School (Thursday October 23, 2008)

O’Reilly Media postpones iPhoneLive | raven.me

Raven Zachary writes “As you can imagine, I am disappointed by this decision. I believe the iPhone market to be fundamentally strong and growing rapidly, and Bill Dudney and I have spent a significant amount of time planning this event over the past few months. I plan to continue to work with O’Reilly Media on future iPhone related activities, including the possibility of an iPhone conference in 2009, and more regular blogging about the platform on O’Reilly Radar and Inside iPhone.”

Starting Up in an Economic Downturn

Via Internet Astronauts “I’m no economist, but even I can tell that the world’s finances aren’t in their best shape. Tech blogs are writing about layoffs in startups everywhere, investment advisors are urging their clients to knuckle down for a long, economic winter and news analysts are calling doom and gloom at every turn. So it’s probably a bad time to start your web startup right? Wrong. This may very well be the best time.”

Spreading the news at Finovate 2008

Via the Vidoop blog “Vidoop headed out to the Big Apple last week for Finovate 2008, and after seven minutes of presentation, eleven media interviews, 50+ partner and customer meetings, 12 hours of round-trip flying and 5,000 miles of total travel, Mitch Savage and I are back home in Portland.”