Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for October 27

Shizzow Google Gadget

Via the Shizzow blog “A huge thank you to Matthew Gifford for creating the Shizzow Google Gadget. His reason for creating it was simple…”

Portland Tech Event Extravaganza

Amber Case writes “Looking for something to do this week/month/season in Portland? Itching to get to know more people/minds/ideas? Look no further. I’ve created this list for you of a bunch of Portland tech events for your convenience. Hopefully it is a useful resource.”

Yes, your organization does need a blog.

John Metta writes “Get a blog, people. Really. More and more of your customers are expecting it. They want updates on your humanity to hit their RSS feeds. They want to know that there’s a person there.”

Quiz: Are You the Entrepreneurial “Type”?

Via Get Rich Slowly “So here’s a reliable true/false quiz to test whether you match the typical profile of an entrepreneur. I adapted these questions from a comprehensive new study of entrepreneurship completed earlier this year by Professor Scott A. Shane (on which more later). In this quiz, the word ‘entrepreneur’ is defined as someone starting a new business of any kind, and includes the solo self-employed.”

Microsoft Half-Asses Their OpenID “Support”

Aaron Hockley writes “Lots of folks are excited today because Microsoft has announced that Windows Live IDs can now be used as an OpenID. I’m less than thrilled.”

Relax with CouchDB

Chris Anderson writes “We’ll be soliciting reader feedback as we develop the book and API documentation. The content is freely licensed, so we’ll make it available as we write. Expect to see a few chapters and a some API docs up by the end of the year.”

Viewing Habits Online Changing (or, I think it’s time to cancel my cable)

Tom Turnbull writes “In other words, the audience for full length video content online has doubled and is north of 50 million people. That’s far from a niche.”

Dia de los Muertos Breakfast Tweetup at Kenny & Zukes (Thursday October 30, 2008) – Upcoming

The spookiest breakfast of the year takes place at Kenny & Zukes this Thursday. Join Portland Twitter friends for amazing latkes and awesome chats. This is a buy-your-own affair that often spills over into coworking time afterward

Interview with Linus Torvalds of The Linux Foundation | Linux Foundation Events

Mike Rogoway writes “It was invite only, so if you — like me — couldn’t wrangle an invitation, here’s an interview that Portland’s own Linus Torvalds gave at the summit.”

Seeking Gardeners

Via the Calagator blog “We often talk about Calagator as a wiki-like collaborative calendar, so we borrowed an idea from the wiki world, and added event and venue versioning. This way, if someone (human or bot) decides the SAO Poker Night really needs a bunch of links to [insert generic spam topic here], anyone can roll back the entry to the previous version, cleaning it up.”

Building a new Portland ; October 29th Event

Via the WhereCamp PDX blog “There’s a sense of disconnection, on the one hand, from the realm of finance and the direction of the economy. This is linked to confusion, anxiety, and fear that people won’t have basic needs met. And there’s a strong desire, excitement, for there to be major changes in which we all have a role in supporting each other to meet collective goals.”