Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for December 01

Clearwire coming to PDX this month (updated) – Silicon Forest

Mike Rogoway writes “Talked to Clearwire VP Susan Johnston this afternoon about the Portland rollout. Clearwire doesn’t have retail locations open yet, she said, and won’t until sometime early next year. But the Portland network is up and operational. So customers hungry for service can sign up today on Clearwire’s Web site.”

Response to Wired Blog on Facebook Connect

Via the JanRain blog “While it is true that Facebook has done a lot of great pioneering work with user experience and data management, the open source community has been systematically working to enhance and extend the functionality and intuitiveness of OpenID, Open Social, OAuth, Portable Contacts, hCards, etc. Google’s work with the LSO user interface and JanRain’s work with the RPX user interface are examples of approaches aimed at improving the ease of use of OpenID.”

Yahoo Pipes Video: 2 Minute Quick Vanity Feed Demo

Dawn Foster writes “This quick vanity feed demo builds on the concepts learned in the introduction with a practical example of how to create a quick and dirty vanity feed using Yahoo Pipes.”

The five ages of vendor-led open source revenue strategies

Via The 451 Group ” hereby present the five ages of Vendor-led open source revenue strategies, which takes us through the evolving revenue strategies of vendors that dominate their own open source-based products. Some vendors may stay longer at one stage than another, or even skip a stage entirely. I don’t claim this to be perfect, and it doesn’t necessarily work for vendors that build a business around community-led projects (I’ll come back to that), but I think it is essentially accurate….”