Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for December 04

Facebook Connect vs. OpenID: Who Will Emerge Victorious? – ReadWriteWeb

Marshall Kirkpatrick writes “Thanks to the Vidoop crew for the conversation this morning that inspired this post.”

Layoff watch: Iterasi – Silicon Forest

Mike Rogoway writes “In the long run, though, Pete’s still optimistic. His company, founded in May ’07, helps users capture Web pages as a snapshot in time — preserving an archive of the way a site looked at a given moment. Customers remain enthusiastic about Iterasi, Pete said, and his advisers and investors forecast better times in about a year.”

Panic – Coda 1.6.1

Via Panic ” Coda 1.6.1 is now available for download from our web site. Full release notes for this version are also available. This is a free upgrade for all Coda owners. We encourage all Coda users to upgrade to this latest version. “

State of Portland Tech | PDX Web Innovators

Adam DuVander writes “It’s been quite a year for the Portland tech scene. Web Innovators itself has gone from cozy gatherings around a table to much larger events. Last night we had more than 40 people together at CubeSpace to talk about 2008 and look ahead to what we need to do in 2009.”

Looking Forward: Hillsboro, Instantiations, OpenID, more – Silicon Forest

Mike Rogoway writes “‘Whatever happened to OpenID?’ Here are two takes, from CNET and Wired, on the future of OpenID, a platform developed by Aloha High’s own Brad Fitzpatrick (who now works at Google). OpenID remains a big deal in Oregon, where JanRain and Vidoop are building their companies around it.”

Recommended follow: Mike Rogoway of The Oregonian

Mike Rogoway of The Oregonian and the Silicon Forest blog is now on Twitter. Follow him, won’t you?

WordCamp Vegas Agenda Announced (Hotel Discount Ends Soon) » Another Blogger

Portland WordPress types and OurPDX writers Aaron Hockley and Geoff Kleinman will be speaking at WordCamp Vegas. Hockley writes “I’m excited to see that VegasGeek has announced the agenda for WordCamp: Las Vegas. It’ll be great to have blogging ‘celebrities’ such as Matt, Lorelle, and Liz together in one place. Lorelle’s energy at WordCamp Portland was amazing. It’ll be great to meet the woman who called me an SOB in July 2006. And that Matt guy? I’m a big fan of his work.”

JanRain’s RPX in Action

Peat Bakke writes “This morning I converted the OpenID Foundation’s membership website to use RPX, and ditched the old plugin I hacked up to support the OpenID 2.0 features. If you’re interested in seeing it in action head on over to their site: https://openid.net/foundation/members”

Twitter / Stephanie Stricklen: if the boss says yes…

Yet another reason to attend Beer and Blog tomorrow. KGW folks may be swinging by. All thanks to the Blazers game giving them the night off.

Does Your Company Have Friends? It Should. | Positively Glorious!

John Metta writes “Now, I know exactly why this hit me the way it did, but it’s important to discuss. Here’s a company that I have no financial stake in and have never visited. I’m a marginal- at best- user of their product, and I don’t even know anyone who was laid off. For this company that is tangentially related to my life- however brief the emotion was- I would actually shed a tear? Yes. Why? Because sometimes a company is not just a company. Sometimes, it’s a friend.”