Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for January 05

OAuth doesn’t stop phishing

Michael Richardson writes “Look, I love OAuth. It’s amazing. You should be using it if you aren’t. But it doesn’t really help against phishing attacks. The attack against an OAuth-enabled service is the same as an attack against an OpenID provider is the same as a normal phishing attack.”

More time with WiMAX – Silicon Forest

Mike Rogoway writes “While reporting Sunday’s article on Clearwire, I spent more time trying out the company’s Portland mobile WiMAX service at the end of this week from eight locations around the metro area.”

Learning Fast About Online Marketing in 2009

Marshall Kirkpatrick writes “Will 2009 be the big year for corporate transparency, for a global conversation – perhaps for bargain basement online marketing tactics instead of old-school huge commercial campaigns?”

Modifying RSS Feeds: 2 Minute Yahoo Pipes Video Demo

Dawn Foster writes “While many people use Yahoo Pipes to filter RSS feeds, Pipes can also be used to modify RSS feeds to work better for your purposes. In this example, we will add the author name to the beginning of the title to make it easier to see the author without opening the item in your rss reader. I recommend watching the Introduction to Yahoo Pipes: 2 minute Yahoo Pipes Video Demo if you haven’t already, since we’re going use the basic pipe developed in that demo using fetch feed and sort modules, but without the filter module.”