Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for January 07

Oregonian’s Top 100 Picks on the Web

Via Cooking Up A Story “We received a nice mention in the print edition of the Oregonian newspaper Food Day section yesterday. Thank you Kathleen Bauer, and the Oregonian! Below is an image from their online edition.”

Helping Announce: Ignite Bend is Coming » Techcraver.com | Craving tech, craving life!

Jason Harris writes “Ignite Portland has been a huge success and I’ve been very happy to watch the Ignite community really watch their program turn in to a success. This is why I was so happy to see that Bend, Oregon is going to start their own. That’s right: Announcing Ignite Bend!”

Fieldrunners 1.2 Announced

Via MacApper “Of all the game genres that have found their home on the iPhone, few have stood out as remarkably as tower defense. SubAtomic Studios, the developers behind one of the platforms leading tower defense games Fieldrunners, have just announced their second expansion-style for the award-winning title.”

You Must Fail if You Don’t Want to FAIL | Internet Astronauts

Darius Monsef writes “Somewhere along the way we forget that failing is OK. We attach a negative association with failure and stop looking at it as a building block or a lesson. We only see it is a final result and lose perspective on the overall success of our ideas. The lost perspective is that failure acknowledges a flaw and gives you the opportunity to correct that flaw. If you’ve given yourself no room to correct it or have simply not allowed yourself to have any flaws… then you can never succeed.”