Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for January 08

Watch Me Present: Beyond Beer and Blog

Aaron Hockley writes “On Saturday at 10:45am (PST) I’ll be presenting Beyond Beer and Blog: How Social Media Lit Up the Portland Tech Scene at WordCamp: Las Vegas. I’ll be speaking about the Portland tech communities and how we’re using social media to drive all sorts of good things both online and offline. The event is being streamed on Ustream, so feel free to tune and listen.”

Keep Bad Apples Away From Your Team

Josh Bancroft writes “I was listening to episode #370 of the This American Life podcast (which is one of my favorite podcasts), on the topic “Ruining It For The Rest Of Us”. At the beginning of the show, Ira was talking with a researcher who had done studies on the effect of “bad apple” behavior within teams. He looked at what effect someone who is a Jerk (insults other people, critical without offering a better option, etc.), a Slacker (doesn’t do any work, doesn’t seem to care, distracted), or Depressed (certain that ‘this will never work’, doomed to failure, etc.) has on the rest of the people on the team.”

WebVisions – Webvisionary Awards 2009

Via WebVisions “Now in its second year, the Webvisionary Awards recognizes outstanding work in categories that range from web apps to community sites. The entries are judged by leading visionaries in design, technology, advertising and business strategy.”

What do the iPhone, Wii, and Ignite Bend have in common?

Via Ignite Bend “Ignite Bend 1 has sold out! That’s right, all of our (free) advance tickets have been reserved. Now there are only two ways to try to get in the doors and enjoy Ignite Bend 1 live, and in person”

The PDX Gen-Y Project

InsYght Consulting has launched a research project called “The PDX Gen-Y Project.” The purpose of the undertaking is to catalog or capture the life styles of Portland Oregon Gen Yers in 2009. The hope is that by creating a place for Generation Y in PDX to really express themselves or to witness their innovation and creativity, that both clients and other generations may have an insight into Gen-Y.

OurPDX meetup next Tuesday, 1/13

Via OurPDX “So we compared our calendars, checked sports schedules, ruled out the Obama inauguration day, steered clear of all of those Wednesday events, and finally settled on Tuesday, January 13th.”

Help ORBlogs: Hit The Development Server! | Oregon Blogs

Via the ORBlogs Blog “Well, we’re all back to work now that the holiday madness has ended, and that means that development is heating up again on ORBlogs. This year, Santa dressed up as Bill Jackson and left a development server under our tree. The server is at http://haxx.orblogs.org.”