Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for January 13

We’re growing, again (Beer and Blog Las Vegas)! Come celebrate!

Via the Beer and Blog, um, blog “Last Saturday’s End Bloglessness workshops were blogtastic, were they not? A huge success, I’d say. Many, many people arrived ready to be workshopped into shape. One couple built their wedding Web site, and several business blogs went up as well. You can be sure there will be more valiant strides towards the End of Bloglessness. Oh, yes. I’m wondering, though, how many blogs actually DID go up. Please leave a comment and let us know?”

more blogs than you can shake a stick at…

Cami Kaos writes “On Saturday Cube Space played host to an awesome event called End Bloglessness. It was put on by the good people at Beer & Blog and was staffed by some wonderful volunteers, there are too many for me to name (especially since I didn’t make note of who all was there, sorry… my bad). “

Could This Be Your All-in-One Social Network?

Marshallk Kirkpatrick writes “Long time innovator Marc Canter has made a proposal for a system to let users integrate all their social networks from around the web into one central dashboard. He calls it the DiSO Dashboard.”

Where have all the community managers gone?

Via The 451 Group “In the end, open source vendors that are willing and able to continue building, strengthening and investing in their communities — and we do see vendors catering to community users and even monetizing them via per-incident support, documentation and other services — are the ones who will benefit most when things begin turning around.”

Welcome to 2009, New EE Resources

Via the ExpressionEngine blog “Of course, the real reason you are reading this is for 2.0 news. At this point I’m obligated to gently remind you we promised an update the second week of January, which is next week. Specifically the next 2.0 update will be 1 week from today on Friday January 16th and a second update on friday January 30th (or thereabouts). In any case, there will be at least two 2.0 updates from us this month to keep everybody in the loop.”

Fastest growing destinations on Twitter

Travel Oregon and Travel Portland are in the top 10. As it should be.

Shizzow Developers Meetup

Via Calagator “Now that the beta version of the API has been released, you can finally build those Shizzow mobile apps and mashups you’ve been scheming about for the last couple of months. We wanted to make ourselves available to help you get off to a running start on your new Shizzow-based apps. Meet us at the Green Dragon on Thursday, January 15th at 5:00pm, and we can discuss the API as well as some of the architecture principles behind people, places and shouts on Shizzow.”