Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for January 27

Will digital history simply disappear?

Via Iterasi “Referring back to the article in the Guardian, the iterasi archive has 29 pages on Whitehouse.gov from the Bush administration and zero pages of the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia. On the former, hey that’s 29 pages that perhaps don’t exist anywhere else on the Web. I can’t feel too bad about not having web pages from the 2000 Olympics as we started iterasi in 2007. So if you use iterasi, realize that you are also a librarian and a historian. So go forth and save the Web! Someone in the future may benefit from your efforts.” (FULL DISCLOSURE: Iterasi is a client of mine.)

Test site fixed! | Oregon Blogs

Via the Oregon Blogs ORBlogs 2.0 blog “Please go ahead and create yourself an account, add plenty of (appropriate) feeds, file issues for anything that is broken or otherwise obviously wrong, and chat us up on the mailing list with ideas for improvement! Please don’t be shy, we need as many people beating on this thing and providing feedback as we can get!”

86 IP5 Talk Ideas Submitted. Those Chosen Notified Soon. at Ignite Portland

Via Ignite Portland “We received a record 86 talk idea submissions for Ignite Portland 5 (we usually get around 50). There was a definitely ‘bathtub curve’ to when they came in – lots were submitted right after Ignite Portland 4, when lots of people surely thought ‘I should do a talk about *subject*.’ Then there was a lull, and, as usual, a nice big rush of submissions right before the deadline. You Portlanders sure are a bunch of procrastinators. ;-)”

Portland Data Plumbing User Group 1/27/2009

Footage from the Portland Data Plumbing User Group on January 27, 2009, featuring Marshall Kirkpatrick and his RSS magic.

Group widgets & Facebook integration

Via the Walker Tracker blog “Facebook Connect is now implemented (at least barebones – likely more to come, here). If you post your steps, you’ll see a button that will allow you to post your daily step count/blog post/picture to your Facebook feed if you have a facebook account.”