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Startup funding ideas for tough times

Via TiE “Finding the money to invest in your startup is tough even in normal times. With the global economic climate being what it is today this task is even harder. How do you find the right funding in this environment? Join our experienced group of Venture Capitalists – Venky Ganesan – Managing Director of Globespan Capital, Carolynn Duncan – Micro-business expert and subject matter expert in VC /Angel funding & Bobby Kandaswamy – Director Strategic Investments at Intel Capital on Feb 5th to discuss the best ways of funding your company in a downturn. “

Thanks to everybody who attended Recked. Presentations are now available!

Via the Strands blog “Thanks to everybody who attended Recked, the informal event for engineers interested in recommender systems. It was awesome. And thanks to Robert Gaal for putting the event together. You can find the three presentations (Strands, Wakoopa and Reccoon) below.”

Master of 500 Hats: Great Entrepreneurs are PASSIONATE about Customers & Products, NOT about being Great Entrepreneurs.

Dave McClure writes “I DO hope some of you young-ass whippersnappers get your heads out of your collective asses and get a little more practical about what you’re likely to encounter should you decide to do your own startup. and a little more real about what you may face at the end of a rough hand of poker.”