Silicon Florist’s links arrangement for March 3

Demolicious – Portland Web Innovators at Jive Software (Wednesday April 1, 2009)

Via PDXWI “Come see the great stuff your fellow Portlanders have been working on. Several ten minute demos of new products and side projects.”

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SLL: A Night With John Nastos

Cami Kaos writes “Friday night saw another big first in the history of SLL. During Afterhours we had a live musical performance right there in our little studio, but before that happened we had a very informative Tech Edition. Usually I like one episode from the night better than the other and it’s usually pretty clear cut for me which it was, but if you ask me to pick a favorite this week I’m likely to stare blankly at you for a while before asking if you listened to them both.”

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Portland Data Visualization Group | Monday, March 23, 2009 from 6–8pm

Amber Case and Bram Pitoyo write “It is because of all of these things, and what I feel is becoming an essential next step in the development of trend prediction and the very useful implementation of data and information, that we’ve decided to start having some meetings around this sort of thing. The first Portland Data Visualization Group will be held on Monday, March 23, 2009 from 6–8pm at Webtrends.”

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Five Tracks to Rule Them All

Via Open Source Bridge “The track names for Open Source Bridge are a little unusual. No Ruby, Perl, System Administration, Linux—instead we have Cooking, Chemistry, Culture, Hacks (and Business, but you’ve seen that one elsewhere). So what’s going on? How are these relevant to open source software?”

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Kelly “@verso” Guimont kicks off KGW Live @7 “Hire me”

Um. I kinda put it all in the headline. But check out this new feature from @thesquare starring @verso @beerandblog and @ other stuff.

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Win a SXSW Badge Upgrade at the PDX Pre-SXSW Party

Dawn Foster writes “I talked to Hugh Forrest at sxsw, and he has offered a free upgrade from an Interactive badge to a Gold badge for one lucky winner! Basically, this means that you get to attend the film tracks and screenings in addition to the interactive program.”

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