Open Source Bridge announces final schedule

[Full disclosure: I’m volunteering to help the Open Source Bridge team with marketing efforts.]

Open Source Bridge—a gathering of open source citizens and open source curious taking place in Portland, June 17-19—has been a labor of love for a number of members of our community. And for that reason, it’s really great to see the final pieces of the event begin to fall into place.

Today, the Open Source Bridge team released the final schedule for the structured portion of the event. (The final day will be in an unconference format.)

The schedule will provide—at a glance—the time, title, track (including a color key for all the respective tracks), and room of each scheduled talk. Need more details? No problem. Simply roll over a particular talk and you’ll get the additional details you need, including an excerpt and scheduled speakers—as well as the ability to drill deeper into information on the talk, the speaker, the track, and the room.

For more information, see the Open Source Bridge schedule.