Toonlet enables creation of Becker Street, the Kindle comic book

It’s no secret that part of the magic of this generation of Web startups is the whole social aspect of what’s happening. And while, no doubt, that’s a big component of what we see occurring, there’s something more important that’s often overlooked: enabling.

Web 2.0 is all about enabling. Enabling you to do things that would be practically impossible without the technology. Things like enabling you to find what you want when you want it. Enabling you to broadcast your opinion to the world, quickly and easily. And enabling you to do things like build comics and release Kindle books.


That’s right. Toonlet—the Portland-based startup that makes anyone into a cartoonist—has enabled Keith Dennis to release a series of Toonlet comics as a Kindle book entitled Becker Street.

toonlet announces Becker Street

The other interesting part of this news is that Toonlet has now joined the ranks of the enablers—folks like the guys at Twitter, the person who invented the wheel, and pretty much every artist everywhere ever—who have enabled someone else to make money thanks to their efforts—even before Toonlet has an obvious revenue stream itself.

Although, come to think of it, some sort of affiliate arrangement might not be a bad idea.

Anyhoo. Keith will be charging $1 (which Amazon has discounted to $0.80) for Becker Street. Of course, that’s $1 + price of a Kindle or the time it takes you to download Kindle software to your iPhone.

No Kindle? No iPhone? No problem. In the Toonlet announcing the book, Keith also hints at the potential for a free version in PDF format.

And while I won’t be publishing any comic books any time soon, you can always follow Silicon Florist on Toonlet, just in case.