REMINDER: Reductive Labs Luke Kanies talks open source and venture capital tonight at Portland Web Innovators

You may remember news earlier this year about Reductive Labs, a company started by a couple of former Reed students who—upon garnering $2 million in venture capital—announced that they were moving their company to Portland. Or you may know them as the folks behind Puppet, an open source language for configuration management.

Either way, they’ve got an interesting story to tell. Several stories actually. And they’ll be telling them tonight at Portland Web Innovators.

What does Reductive Labs do?

Better IT systems require better tools and better processes. Reductive Labs enables IT organizations to provide more consistency, more flexibility, more predictability and more transparency while lowering the cost of service with an open source framework.

Join the PDXWI crew and Luke Kanies tonight at the Portland Incubator Experiment to hear more about Reductive Labs, their open source experiences, garnering funding, and why they chose to move to Portland.

For more information or to RSVP, see Open Source to Venture Capital on Upcoming.