Portland Sucks shows glimmers of pdx.fm

Anyone who follows my tweet stream known that I’m a huge fan of what Robert Wagner and Sabrina Miller are doing with the PDX Sucks podcast. I’d even describe it as irreverent—if only I knew what that word meant. Maybe I will anyway. I like the meter of it

So imagine my excitement when I heard that Robert was working on a new project called pdx.fm, which—although a wee bit cryptic—seems to be a station of sorts that will use the magic of the world wide Web to broadcast podcast content.

And even though pdx.fm isn’t slated to launch until September 14, you can get a little taste of where it’s going by visiting PDX Sucks and looking for the pdx.fm bar.


Seems that things are running ahead of schedule. Which means that the PDX Sucks folks are not only taking a shot at traditional broadcast radio, they’re taking a shot at Web development, as well. I mean, really. Who finishes their projects before the deadline? Crazy kids.

Once they officially launch pdx.fm, I’ll work to bring you some more details on the new audio format thingamajig. Sorry. I’m not exactly sure what to call it. It’s kind of like podcasting and it’s kind of like radio. But it’s the best parts of both. Or something.

For more information, follow pdxfm on Twitter or swing by the pdx.fm site on September 14.